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Our services

  • Specialized technical support
  • Samples for testing/verification/validation
  • Consumables and spare parts all along equipment lifetime. Warranty and Post-warranty
  • Storage facilities in Cluj and Bucharest optimizing the delivery time
  • ISO certified since 2000 by DQS Germany

Products and services quality confirmed by:

  • Quality standards and certifications of our partners/suppliers
  • Careful selection of our business partners
  • Long lasting business partnerships with our existing suppliers of 10 up to 27 years
  • The products we sell on Romanian market are used by world-renowned Brands

Three other companies are also part of the group.

MTC Poland, MTC Slovenia and MTC Serbia.

Key factors in our successful evolution:

  • a team of professionals
  • high quality products
  • continuous support and the know-how from our partners

How we grew a professional staff:

  • Extensive experience in the operation field of our company
  • Intensive training courses organized by MTC and our suppliers
  • Successful participations in national and international symposium and exhibitions
  • The seniority of our employees spans over 7 to 27 years
Publications and Articles
Products and Services

EN ISO 9001 Certificate: 2015

In May 2018 we successfully transitioned to the new ISO 9001: 2015 standard. ISO 9001:2015.

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MTC ROMANIA provides high quality products and services in the packaging and ingredients fields, in partnership with international suppliers from the European Union.

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