Shrink wrapping machines

MTC ROMANIA and its supplier Minipack-Torre have reached one of the top positions on the Romanian market in terms of product quality and service.
The MINIPACK system is unique in the field and has established itself in the world with the presence of over 60,000 machines working in the field of packaging. It is practical, super-economical, rational and is protected by national and international patents.
The quality of the technological concept, as well as the quality of the components and materials involved in the production process are the best guarantees of a good operation and reliability.

REPLAY 55 EVO machine

The Replay 55 EVO machine has a dual use, due to a special operating cycle:
- simultaneous welding and heat shrinking of the foil,
- simple welding machine.
- maximum product dimensions: 500 x 380 x 220 mm for packaging both in the technical field and for food products.
The machine can execute up to 300 packs / hour

MEDIA MATIC integrated semi-automatic system (L-sealer including shrink tunnel)


Maximum productivity: 750 cycles / hour

Sealing tank dimensions: 540 x 400 (mm)

Max height product: 200 (mm)

Modular 50 Digit + Tunnel 50 Digit

MODULAR 50 Digit + TUNNEL 50 Digit packaging machine is the market leader in its productivity segment due to the following facilities:
- soldering jaws operate manually and automatically;
- the soldering tanks are provided with a cooling system with coolant;
- the machine is equipped with an edge winding system resulting from cutting.

The machine can execute up to 900 packs / hour.

Practice 56 MPE X1 + Tunnel 50 Digit

Strength, reliability and speed are the main features of the Pratika 56 MPE X1 + Tunnel 50 Digit.
It is a modular system to the user's liking, equipped with all the necessary safety devices, it only needs two basic adjustments to change the size (the length is set automatically).
The machine can pack a single object or groups of objects of different shapes and sizes, using any type of shrink film, with a thickness between 7-50 microns
The maximum width of the roller that can be used is 700 mm, and the maximum outer diameter is 300 mm.
The machine can perform up to 2,400 packs / hour.