The heat-shrinkable polyolefin films we supply to the Romanian market are in world leading positions. Our supplier is the SEALED AIR concern through its CRYOVAC® brands (CT301, CT302, CT303, CT304, CT305, CT306 foils).
These sheets can be used on all types of L-glued, side-glued or HFFS packaging machines.

Presentation of your products it becomes more and more important as the competition becomes more fierce in terms of market share. For this we offer you the solution.

The foils we sell, supported by the technical solutions we offer, are a unique combination of features: excellent degree of shrinkage, superb optical properties and outstanding strength.
The large variety of type-dimensions covers thicknesses between 7 and 23 microns, and the widths are between 205 and 1005 mm, in folded and unfolded variants. All these foils are standard in micro-perforated version, and can be printed with recycling symbols, depending on the standards imposed in this field.