MTC ROMANIA, through the Packaging Systems department, offers complete solutions that follow in the smallest details your requirements regarding packaging and packaging equipment in the food, pharmaceutical, logistics but also in other fields of activity.

  • Flexible packaging made of extruded, bioriented polypropylene PP produced by the companies:
  1. TREOFAN / JINDAL with production capacity in Germany, Italy, Belgium and India
  2. TAGHLEEF Industries with production capacity in Italy, Hungary and Egypt;
  3. PLASTCHIM production in Bulgaria

The assortment range of bopp provided by:

  1. Appearance: transparent, matte, opaque white, metallic, metallic white
  2. Thickness: between 4 and 80 microns
  3. Application: packaging, labels (WAL, IML, spot patch, for the production of adhesive label shelf, industrial applications
  4. Special applications: cold gluing, oxygen and moisture barrier properties, antifog, biodegradable
  • Rigid PET and PVC packaging produced by the companies:
  2. ALFATHERM Italy

The assortment range of foils supplied from:

  1. Appearance: transparent, matte, opaque white,
  2. Thickness: between 30 and 1000 microns
  3. Application: shrink sleeve labeling, packaging for food, pharmaceutical, bank and loyalty cards industry,
  • Flexible PET polyester packaging produced by MITSUBISHI POLYESTER FILM Germany.

Assorted polyester range supplied by:

  1. Appearance: transparent, matte, opaque white
  2. Thickness: between 1 and 350 microns
  3. Application: packaging, industrial, electronic, pharmaceutical applications
  • Flexible packaging made of PE, PA / PE and PEevohPE coextruded multilayer produced by BESEL Turkey:

Assortment range of foil supplied from:

  • Appearance: transparent, opaque white, matte white, bicolor (white / black; white / blue; white / gray), colored
  • Thickness: between 15 and 200 microns
  • Application: packaging for the food industry, industrial applications,
  • Special applications: peel bonding, oxygen barrier properties, antifog, thermoforming
  • Structure: laminated foils with solvent type adhesive or with coextruded PE having in component paper, aluminum, polypropylene, polyester and polyethylene