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Dec-2013: CT-radically NEW Technology

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May-2010: Palsgaard® AMP 4448

Did you know that Palsgaard offers the most efficient alternative to lecithin in chocolate and ..?


Stabilizers and Emulsifiers for the dairy industry

The variety of products based on milk is very large and in a continual increase. MTC ROMANIA comes to satisfy the client΄s demands and expectings, trying to develop the products according to the needs and changes on the market.

MTC ROMANIA dedicates oneself to offer you the best and advanced solutions that are tested in our supplier΄s factories, backed by our technicians prepared to assist you in your applications.

The products: mixtures of emulsifiers and (or) stabilizers prepared to be used and advanced for specific applications.

Applications- Fermented dairy products
Confers to your products the consistency and texture, preventing from the deterioration during the validity term.

Recombined milk
If fresh milk is not available, the recombined milk it is an alternative.It can be a long time product, based on powder milk, vegetable grease, or milk, water, stabilizers and emulsifiers.

Milk with chocolate
At this product and similary, there are to be done all the necesary steps to keep in suspension the cacao particles. For all this to happen the dosing emulsifiers and stabilizers has to be carefully chosen, according to the specifications, the recepies and the process.

Creamy or gelificated pudding
This desserts based on milk are wellknown in the world, sometimes under other names. A mixture wellbalanced of stabilizers and emulsifiers will give a new product with all the expected properties and conservation of the texture.

Foam desserts
chocolate pudding_200x150
This are usually aerated with air between 50-100%. The products are based on grease from milk and vegetables. The traditional scale includes chocolate and vanilla, but those that are with fruits are the ones that ground. The structure of the foam can vary according to client΄s preferences and the specific features can be controlled on the final product by changing the stabilizer or emulsifier used.

Cheese cream
It is used accordingly and also like an ingredient in preparations. The cream with trifling texture alternatives has a smooth firmness so it can be easily and godson greased.

The whipped cream
The whipped cream is tradional used for the decoration of cakes and desserts. This is based on vegetable and dairy produce grease.