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Dec-2013: CT-radically NEW Technology

nouCryovac® CT films vs Conventional Shrink films


May-2010: Palsgaard® AMP 4448

Did you know that Palsgaard offers the most efficient alternative to lecithin in chocolate and ..?


Rennets for the food industry

MTC MTC ROMANIA provides a complete range of coagulants produces Caglificio Clerici Italia.

Animal rennets

- obtained from highly selected calf and bovine stomachs, of controlled origin. Do not contain microbial coagulant, porcine pepsin and recombined chymosine DNA

1. rennet powder – 96% chymosine; 4% bovine pepsin
2. rennet powder - 70% chymosine; 30% bovine pepsin
3. rennet fluid - 15% chymosine; 85% bovine pepsin.

- Rennet obtained from calf and lamb stomachs for special cheese from goat and sheep milk.
Microbial coagulants
Manufactured by fermentation of the Rhizomucor miehei type.
Powder and fluid rennet – different coagulation power.

Manufactured by fermentation of a certain type of Kluyveromyces lactis.