BOPP-Folienrollen Treofan NeunkirchenBOPP film rolls at Treofan Neunkirchen

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May-2010: Palsgaard® AMP 4448

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BOPP Films

Treofan Group is a multinational company producer of coextrudated polypropylene foil.
Production capacity held in Germany, Italy and Mexico ranks the company in a leading position among world producers of polypropylene film.
Treofan Group offers a wide range of BOPP films: having applications in the fields of packages, tobacco, and in electro-technical industry; transparent, white-opaque, pearl-white, white-metallic, coated with various acrylic polymers, PVDC, EVOH to give them high-barrier properties.

Treofan foils are biaxially oriented and co-extruded; they are made up of 3 to 5 distinct layers, depending on the requirements of the product wrapped. They are unique as packaging material, considering density, thickness and resistance.

Treofan foils are tailored to meet the customers’ requests and are considered leaders on the market. Treofan products comply with the quality standards agreed and certified by ISO 9001.
The research activities within the pilot lines of the three European factories set the grounds for the development of new products. The close scientific cooperation with the main research departments inside the Treofan group ensures a dynamic development. One of the most important and among the latest products is TreoPore , which is in fact a biaxially oriented film, used as a separator membrane in Lythium batteries production.