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Dec-2013: CT-radically NEW Technology

nouCryovac® CT films vs Conventional Shrink films


May-2010: Palsgaard® AMP 4448

Did you know that Palsgaard offers the most efficient alternative to lecithin in chocolate and ..?


Prepare the future for your products

Based on the experience gained in over 20 years of experience on the market in Romania, and with the expertise and professionalism of the highest level from our supplier, Palsgaard A/S Denmark – leading supplier of functional ingredients in this segment, we are able, together with your engineers, to find and offer the best and complete solutions for your products to be imposed on a market with quality requirements increasingly higher.
The list of possible applications of emulsifiers and stabilizers provide in all types of mayonnaise, ketchup, sauce and dressing.

The effect of functional ingredients

Offered by MTC ROMANIA, ingredients are sourced from selected raw materials, based on consumer demands and manufacturers for finished products, as appropriate existing recipes and your current production equipment. Some of the most common effects that can make our functional ingredients in finished products are:
- Increase the water-binding capacity
- Creamier consistency
- High viscosity
- The reduction of egg recipe
- The reduction of fat and calories
- Improving product structure
- Stability freeze / thaw
- prolongation of life product in the initial qualitative conditions.


Finefood2Mayonnaise and similar products are often made using various methods and recipes that are often required functional ingredients suitable for making perfect final results. Key production parameters influencing the choice of emulsifiers/stabilizers are:
- Hot or cold process
- Continuous or batch
- With or without egg
Mayonnaise and mayonnaise substitutes generally fall into the following groups: – traditional mayonnaise (typical min. 80% fat) mayonnaise salad (around 50% fat) mayonnaise’ light’ (fat up to 40% ).
Our range of emulsifiers/stabilizers covers all these groups.

Sauces and dressings. For products of this type, generally characterized by a low viscosity, MTC ROMANIA offers a wide range of functional ingredients with various applications such as:
- Non-fat dressing
- Dressings and sauces containing fat
- Stable sauces both warm and frost as

Ketch-up. MTC ROMANIA will provide emulsifiers/stabilizers suitable for texture and viscosity required.