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Dec-2013: CT-radically NEW Technology

nouCryovac® CT films vs Conventional Shrink films


May-2010: Palsgaard® AMP 4448

Did you know that Palsgaard offers the most efficient alternative to lecithin in chocolate and ..?



Sept 2014:The Importance of detecting antibiotics’ residues in milk and the main methods of verifying correct milk pasteurization

MTC ROMANIA recommends rapid tests Sacco-Clerici to solve both aspects, in an article published in September, in the journal “Fabrica de Lapte”/ number 13.

Dec 2013: CT-Radicaly NEW Technology
Cryovac® CT films vs Conventional Shrink films.

Cryovac® CT series of films provides a radical new technological capability within the packaging industry. This patented innovation incorporates up to 50 discrete micro-layers compared to conventional shrink films, which are typically comprised 1, 3 or 5 layers.
CTCryovac® CT range of films provides unique high abuse properties and enhanced performance compared to significantly thicker conventional shrink films, with a 30% to 50% packaging weight reduction. This weight reduction directly translates to less raw materials and energy consumed, and a reduced number of packaging suppliers to provide an enhanced sustainability.

May 2010: Palsgaard® AMP 4448 – Turn shortage into economical benefits
Did you know that Palsgaard offers the most efficient alternative to lecithin in chocolate and compound products?
Palsgaard® AMP 4448 means stable and low viscosity and cost reductions from reduced fat contents and uniform production.

January 2010: Reinventing polyolefin: New Cryovac® CT-301
Cryovac® CT-301 is based on a totally new Sealed Air technology platform enabling, for the first time, the down gauging of shrink films up to twice the thickness. Sealed Air is the first and only Company to offer a 7µ shrink film, which key benefits include:

  • Proven Performance: 13-15µ film properties in a 7µ film
  • Combination of strength, tear, and burn resistance
  • Enhanced seal strength and durability
  • Proven versatility across a broad range of shrink equipment
  • Excellent optics and clarity
  • Fewer changeovers which improve operational efficiency and improve uptime

“We anticipated competing effectively against 11 and 13µ films but CT-301 exceeded our expectations as we began to commercialize. We were able to “drop in” 7µ film, behind competitive 15µ films running at high speeds and not even miss a beat,” commented Serafino Monaldi, Sales Manager for South Europe. “All our new customers pointed 2 aspects of their decision: better pack appearance and optics for shelf appeal and long rolls for improved productivity and lower inventory space.”

For decades, Sealed Air’s environmental performance efforts have focused primarily on reducing the amount of waste material produced from the packaging operation. In addition to reducing carbon footprint due to less material, CT-301 offers the following sustainable advantages:

  • Ultra Thin, Extremely Strong Structure
  • Ability To Replace Materials Up To Double The Thickness
  • Lower Tunnel Temperatures

“Longer length rolls and operational efficiencies are something our customers constantly ask for and we are pleased to be able to deliver a high performance film that enables many operational benefits such as fewer roll changeovers, less storage space and longer production runs. These things are very important to our customers,” added Serafino Monaldi.

Sealed Air’s standard roll lengths are up to 2.6 km longer than 15µ singlewound film yet provides similar performance with compatible applications. Moreover, CT-301 reduces a customer’s overall operational cost by enabling fewer roll changeovers and fewer unscheduled breaks for a workforce, especially when they are working on a tight deadline.

Ianuarie 2008:Palsgaard® SA 6600-Recent patentat emulgator instant pentru blaturi de prajituri

Palsgaard® SA 6600:
Palsgaard developed a new instant cake emulsifier called SA 6600 said to ensure cake quality irrespective of variations in temperature, and stabilise the product during processing by keeping air tightly bound within the batter.

The powdered emulsifier can be used at a reduced dosage than gels as the emulsifier content is significantly higher and the water content reduced.

We recommend Palsgaard® SA 6600 for test at cake factories and are ready to supply samples as well as technical support. The product is available on the market from the 15th of April.

January 2008: A revolutionary ice cream, emulsifier!

Palsgaard, our supplier of ice cream emulsifiers launched a new emulsifier: Palsgaard IceTriple® – three in one. The overall quality of an ice cream is determined by the three mentioned characteristics:
● Creaminess/sensory characteristics
● Ability to withstand heat shock
● Melting resistance
For years scientists, ice cream manufacturers and companies associated with the ice cream business worldwide have struggled to optimize each parameters.
With Palsgaard IceTriple® you obtain a top score on all three parameters!

Training with JIM BAGNOLA!
From 3 to 4 September 2007, the area managers and internal sales from MTC ROMANIA attended the course “TEAMING”, held by Jim Bagnola, Senior Partner, The Leadership Group.
Jim’s workshop topics include Leadership, Stress Management, Customer Service, Coaching Skills, and Change—all in relation to “The Secrets of the Mind-Body Connection.” He inspires listeners to turn within and awaken to the reality of their own greatness. Jim’s goal is simple: to build Professional Human Beings.

The Implementation of HACCCP rules
MTC ROMANIA completed the implementation process of the HACCP rules in December 2006.
The firm’s policy in the domain of quality and of product’s safety can be read in The Statement of the General Manager.

Sales training with Jim Bagnola
From 21 to 22 August 2006, the area managers from MTC ROMANIA attended the course “Customer satisfaction survey”, held by Jim Bagnola.

Implementation of HACCCP rules
MTC ROMANIA is going through a full implementation process of HACCCP rules. In December 2005 we set out the project by appointing the HACCP team, whose goal is to finish the implementation process by the end of 2006.

ASIL meeting
On November 15th, 2004 the annual meeting of the members of the Association of Experts in Dairy Products (ASIL) took place. MTC Romania used this occasion to present its new department called “Hygiene Systems”

A new group of services and products

Beginning with October 2004, MTC ROMANIA has been offering hygiene services and products.
Our latest offer addresses to the following sectors: milk industry, milk production, supplying centers and farms, meat industry, tins industry, beverage industry, alcoholic drinks industry and brewery, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

IndAGRA 2004
Between 3-7 November 2004, the 9th edition of the International Exhibition for equipment and products in the field of agriculture, animal breeding and food took place. It was for the 4th time that MTC ROMANIA was among the IndAGRA exhibitors.
As part of the Show Room for food industry, within the sector: Machines for the Dairy Industry, MTC ROMANIA presented its products: ingredients for the food industry, packages and vacuum packaging systems, as well as the new group of services and products in the sector of hygiene systems.