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Stabilizers and emulsifiers for ice cream

Palsgaard A/S offers emulsifiers and mixtures of emulsifiers and stabilizers for any type of frozen dessert like ice cream or standard low-fat products, water-based ice cream, sherbet or sorbet.
The main effects of emulsifiers / stabilizers in ice cream production:
- Facilitates air into the mix giving a high and stable growth in volume
- Prevents ice crystal formation giving a uniform texture without agglomeration
- Provides slow melting ice
- Protects against inconvenience caused by ice thermal shock during distribution and transport.
Standard ice cream
Palsgaard products have applications in many types of ice cream: family packs, cups and cones, mousse, low-calorie ice cream.

Ice cream premium
This type of ice cream is characterized by creamy aspect, fine texture without noticeable ice crystals.

Sorbet and sherbet
With Palsgaard products these types of products can be obtained with a cool and creamy ice cream texture.

Water-based ice cream
Palsgaard_water ice - 3 colour
The main function of Stabilizer in this application is to control ice cream crystal formation and maintenance of color and flavor.

Extruded ice cream water based
This technology offers the possibility of some interesting forms of ice. By incorporating air into product, the texture becomes creamier.

Frozen mousse
Ingredients used in manufacturing are the same as for ice cream, emulsifier/stabilizer differentiates. Because it is a product that is served at 50C, the main function of ingredients, is to maintain the aerated structure.