What’s New?

Dec-2013: CT-radically NEW Technology

nouCryovac® CT films vs Conventional Shrink films


May-2010: Palsgaard® AMP 4448

Did you know that Palsgaard offers the most efficient alternative to lecithin in chocolate and ..?


BOPP Films

(Română) Grupul Treofan este o companie multinaţională producătoare de folie de polipropilenă coextrudată. Capacităţile de producţie deţinute in Germania, Italia şi Mexic situează compania intr-o poziţie fruntasă in topul producătorilor mondiali de folie de polipropilenă.

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Machines for Shrink Films

Following a twelve-years experience on the Romanian market, MTC ROMANIA and its supplier Minipack-Torre presently occupy a leading position in our country, due to the quality of their products and that of the services available. The Minipack system is unique in this field and imposed itself worldwide through its over 60.000 packaging machines.

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